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Complete Diagnostic Testing For Cars & Trucks

Does your check engine light keep coming on? Is your car making concerning noises? Don’t worry–we’ll know what to do about it! When you bring your car in to us for testing and auto repair, we’ll use state of the art equipment to scan your on-board computer for diagnostic trouble codes (DTC). These codes will tell us which part of your vehicle we need to focus on. With this knowledge, we’ll help you determine what’s wrong, what would need to be done to fix it, and most importantly, how much this auto repair will cost. If you’re in or around Milford CT, you won’t find better auto repair services than those at Ernie’s Garage.

Steering & Suspension Repair

Whether you’re visiting Walnut Beach for a tan, or Stonebridge for a drink, you’re sure to find plenty of potholes and bumpy roads along the way. To ensure that your car can handle these rocky surfaces, your struts and shocks should be inspected and replaced often. How often? Struts and shocks should be replaced every 50,000 miles. Shocks and struts essentially help to keep your car balanced during dips and jumps. If they’re worn, your car will be hard to control. Depending on your make, model, and driving habits, you may need to replace your shocks and struts sooner.

It’s Time To Replace Your Shocks & Struts If…

  • Your car’s front end dives when you brake
  • Your car’s rear end buckles when you accelerate
  • Your car sways or bounces unintentionally when you turn

In addition to shocks and struts, we’ll also assess your differential, wheel alignment, wheel bearings, power steering, and coil springs.

Brake Repairs & Replacement Services

When you hit the brakes, do you hear grinding, squeaking, or squealing? If you do, then there’s a good chance that one or more of your brake’s components needs to be replaced. Luckily, you won’t have to decide what needs to be done, because that’s our job! At Ernie’s Garage, we replace brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums, calipers, and hoses. Ready to silence that squeaking noise once and for all? Then stop in for a visit. Located about 15 minutes from the Connecticut Post Mall, we’re fully equipped to handle all of your auto repair needs.

If your car is making loud noises, then that’s a telltale sign that there could be something wrong with your exhaust system. Bring it to us, and we’ll thoroughly inspect the undercarriage for cracks and breaks; we’ll also pop the hood to ensure that the catalytic converter is in good condition.

Routine Vehicle Maintenance Services

Oil changes (including oil filters,) batteries, belts, hoses, filters, tire rotations and alignments are all second nature to us! We know that all cars are unique. When you come to us, you’ll find that we abide by the specific maintenance needs set forth by your vehicle’s manufacturer. After all, a Honda is not the same as a Ford, and an Audi is not the same as a Mercedes. Each make and model requires specific maintenance checks at specific points in time. No matter what make or model you have, we’ll care for it the way the manufacturer intended.

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