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Oil Change New Haven, CT

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Oil Change New Haven CTGetting regular oil changes is one of the most important ways to ensure the longevity of your car or truck. Oil change services help keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely on the road for years to come. During your oil change at Ernie’s Garage, our expert technicians will clear out any oil that’s been running through your vehicle’s engine and replace it with new clean oil. New oil helps lubricate all the necessary parts that keep the engine running properly. Our ASE-certified technicians will also check and refill any other fluids, including transmission fluid and coolant, which help keep your engine cooling system running.

When you need an engine oil change, make a service appointment with the auto repair experts at Ernie’s Garage and experience our first-class customer service, as well as the other auto services that we offer!

Get Your Oil Change at Ernie’s Garage!

At Ernie’s Garage, we exclusively offer Mobil Oil products as part of our oil change service. Our service center features knowledgeable technicians that will help extend your engine life with Mobil brand products. Our service also includes:

  • Up to five quarts of oil
  • Standard oil filter replacement
  • Chassis lubrication (if necessary)
  • Free top off of all fluids
  • Free inspection of fluids, cabin filter, air filter, all belts, tires, wipers, brakes, and suspension!
  • Free tire inflation to proper PSI levels

How often do I need to get an oil change for my vehicle?

Oil Change Services New Haven CTOn average, most vehicles require their oil to be changed every 3,000 miles. This consistency keeps engines running smoothly and efficiently. However, advancements in modern lubricants can allow cars and trucks to go between 5,000 to 7,000 miles in between oil changes. If your engine takes full-synthetic motor oil, it might be able to go as much as 15,000 miles between oil changes.

Choose one of our professional oil change services!

Synthetic Blend Oil Change
This service includes a full oil change, a complimentary inspection of your fluid levels, wiper blades, air filter, belts, tires, and more! It includes a new oil filter and up to five quarts of oil. *Shop fees may apply and extra quarts may be needed*
Full Synthetic Oil Change
Synthetic oil can decrease engine friction, resist viscosity changes, and can last longer than traditional oil. This service includes a full synthetic oil change and a complimentary inspection of your fluid levels, belts, tires, wiper blades, air filter, and more! Up to five quarts of oil and a new oil filter are included! *Shop fees may apply*
Extended Life Oil Change
Our Extended Life Synthetic Blend motor oils contain stop leak additives that help with oil consumption and extra detergents to assist with the cleaning of an older engine. This service includes Synthetic Blends oil change and complimentary inspections of your fluid levels, wiper blades, air filter, belts, tires, and more! Includes a new oil filter and up to five quarts of oil. *Shop fees may apply*


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When you need a fast and reliable oil change in New Haven, CT, the experienced staff at Ernie’s Garage has you covered. With ASE-certified technicians that care about your vehicle, we’ll get you back on the road quickly and safely. Our team provides a thorough inspection of your engine, belts, fluids, oil filter, and more. As a courtesy, we’ll also visually inspect your tires, wheels, air conditioning, and lights to make sure you’re driving as safe as possible. Along with your oil, our staff can provide routine maintenance services, auto repair, and brake repair and replacement. Your car deserves the best, so come see the experts at your local New Haven auto repair shop!